My life is not all about writing. I get out and do a bit of living too. Last month, we drove down to Croatia to go scuba diving. It was our first time in the water since February 2019. It was so great to get our feet wet again.

I took my new camera rig with me. As for the quality of the camera, it’s certainly not the DSLR I used to shoot with. However, point-and-shoot cameras have come a long way. It shoots just fine and it’s lighter and smaller than a DSLR. I am very happy with this rig.

I didn’t take many photos. The starfish in this post is one of the few shots I did take. I just wanted to play around with the camera since it was my first time using it. Even with that, I focused more on the diving itself. This trip was about reacquainting myself with the sport.

We both came away from the trip feeling good about our skills and our comfort level. Also, this was our first time diving with UMEX, a dive shop in Vienna. We liked the group of divers on the trip and that made for a lot of topside fun. It’s always a bonus when a dive trip leads to new friends.

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