Long Night of the Museums

We are trying to take better advantage of Vienna. Covid seems under control (fingers crossed). Things are mostly back to (new) normal. Events are back on, like Lange Nacht der Museen.

This past October 1st, over 100 museums in Vienna were open late. How late is late? Until 1 a.m., that’s how late. With our tickets, we were able to museum hop from 6 p.m. onward. We made it to about 10 p.m.

In four hours we hit six museums:

  • The Albertina
  • Design Forum
  • The Austrian History Museum
  • Kunsthalle Wien
  • The Leopold

In between, we took breaks for wurst, beer, punch, or just a chance to sit for a bit. It was a lot of time on our feet, especially since we walked everywhere. It was also a lot of art. By the end, we were tired and our brains were a little overloaded. Still, it was a really fun night.

Here are a few video highlights from the event:

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