We took off the last week of September. Our original plan had been to drive to Slovenia and spend time hiking and relaxing. Instead, we chose to stay home. We realized there are plenty of things around Vienna that we want to see and they would be easy day trips.

Day Trip 1: Burg Kreuzenstein

The castle is an easy 30-minute drive out of the city. It’s in great condition and we had fun walking around the grounds. We also took the guided tour, which is the only way to see inside the interior grounds and the rooms within the castle. The tour was in German but, with the aid of an English language guide sheet, we were able to understand.

Day Trip 2: The Kahlenberg

Another easy 30-minute drive took us to the top of the Kahlenberg. It’s in the Vienna Woods, just outside city limits. We spent some time at the top and took in the view of the entire city below. Then we hiked around the area. We loved it. The dogs loved it. We’ll definitely do it again and explore more of the hiking trail.

Day Trip 3: Schlosspark Laxenburg

Laxenburg is a town about 15 kilometers outside of Vienna (about a 20-minute drive). The park, former castle grounds, is beautiful with easy paths, a lake, and streams. We didn’t go into any of the buildings – we might do that another time without the dogs. To be honest, I don’t feel as though we missed anything by staying outdoors. The main attraction is the park itself.

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