January Reading

Here are the books I finished in January:

  • Stitches and Witches, by Nancy Warren
  • Crochet and Cauldrons, by Nancy Warren
  • Pink Moon, by Annabel Chase
  • Death in a Strange Country, by Donna Leon
  • buds of iris, by Lex Schier
  • Promophobia, by Diana Vallere
  • The Stolen Heir, by Holly Black
  • Never Forget You, by Fiona Lucas
  • The Sandberg Connection, by Mark de Castrique

Nine books in one month is a lot for me. I should explain how this happened. First of all, some of the books were shorter in length. Secondly, some books were started before January and simply finished in January. And then there were two books that I just couldn’t put down. I love Holly Black and I read The Stolen Heir in pretty much a single weekend. Fiona Lucas is now a new favorite. Never Forget you is hard to put down.

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