My Podcast Playlist

The following is a repost from my old blog:

I decided to share some of the podcasts I like. Here are the ones I listen to regularly:

  • Queens Podcast*
  • Trashy Divorces*
  • Behind the Bastards*
  • Noble Blood**
  • Writing Excuses

The last podcast listed is about writing, both in terms of craft and the business of writing. Not every episode applies to me, but I still listen because I get something out of every episode. In those situations, I listen passively while doing other things. For the episodes that do apply to me, I sit at my desk and take notes while I’m listening.

The other four podcasts are about history and/or current events. I listen to these podcasts at various times: at the gym, while cooking, cleaning, or knitting. 

Except for Writing Excuses, the podcasts aren’t related to writing, expat life, or Austria. However, these podcasts entertain, educate, and inspire me. All of which helps me be a better writer.

*I should note that Queens Podcast, Trashy Divorces, and Behind the Bastards use strong language. If that’s not your thing, then those podcasts are probably not right for you. If you’re okay with a few swear words, then definitely check them out.

**Noble Blood keeps the language clean. However, the podcast – if you didn’t figure it out by the name – sometimes describes gruesome events. If dark and sometimes disturbing is what you like, you’ll love Noble Blood.

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