A Year Already!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my debut novel, Nairobi Ndoto, was released. So much work went into the book and I was thrilled when it published. This past year has given me even more joy because so much has happened since the launch.

I got to see my book out in the wild in a bookstore. I did my first ever book reading. People all over the world have read my book, from the US, to Austria, to Spain, Germany, the UK, Kenya, Italy, Canada, and more. And – this is what astounded me – most of them are people I don’t know. The experience has been humbling, overwhelming, and encouraging.

Have you read Nairobi Ndoto? What did you think? Leave a review or rating on Goodreads or at wherever you bought the book. This is a great way to support authors. Rating and reviews are the primary drivers for book sales.

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Asante sana! Thank you!

Last Minute Christmas Sale!

Do you still need a few last minute gifts? Are you worried that things won’t arrive in time? I’ve got you covered! On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can get the ebook of Nairobi Ndoto for only $0.99 (USD). It’s an ebook so you don’t have to worry about delivery. 

The book will appeal to fans of The Expatriates and Embassy Wife. It’s perfect for the reader, traveler, and expat in your life. Get it for yourself as a holiday treat!

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Launch Day!

Nairobi Ndoto is now available!

The novel is about three expatriate women who find their ndoto—the Swahili word for dreams—have become a nightmare when their world is thrown into turmoil by murder. Tilly, Pauline, and Zara each dreamed of a life abroad in Kenya filled with adventure, opportunities, and new beginnings. Reality didn’t match the dream.

If you’re interested in the story and want to check out the book, you can get it in ebook and paperback formats through Apple BooksAmazon, Barnes & NobleKoboThalia, and more. You can also order it through your local bookstore.