Behind The Scenes

I thought I would share a little bit about where and how I work. First off, I’m a plotter. I can’t write without an outline…and I’ve found that I also need something bigger and more visual than an outline. I need a large, foldable (so I can carry it with me) crime board/timeline.

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into the outline and timeline. I have various notebooks filled with ideas, research, and random thoughts.

Finally, when I’m ready and fully prepared, I write. Here’s my home office. This is where the magic happens. By magic, I mean writing, rewriting, revising, editing, and sometimes staring at the computer screen because the words aren’t coming out so easily on a given day.

And now, back to writing!

Meet The Author

I often write on this blog as though the reader already knows me. I’m a new author and many of my readers do actually know me. But not everyone does and, hopefully, this will become more and more the case as I develop an audience for my writing. For those of you who don’t know me, here are a few basics:

  • My name is pronounced phonetically (English language) with a hard “h.” Ma-hu-a/Muh-who-uh. German speakers rarely have a problem pronouncing it correctly. This has been an added bonus for me while living in Vienna.
  • I scuba dive.
  • I’m a big knitter. Seriously, I knit A LOT.
  • I’m an animal lover and very much a dog person. (Nothing against cats – I just prefer dogs.)
  • I am political and I may share my thoughts on this blog. I lean left/liberal. I believe in safe and legal access to abortion and gender affirmation surgery (both are health care). I believe black lives matter. I support LBGTQ+ individuals. I don’t care what bathroom you use as long as you wash your hands.
  • I’m married. My husband’s job is what took us from New York to Nairobi and then to Vienna, where we live now.
  • Our dogs are Nairobi street dog rescues. We brought them with us when we moved. They have adapted well to Vienna and are now full-blown, expat dog, princesses.

If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram or Tiktok. I post more often on Instagram and that account probably gives more insight into my day-to-day life.